A collection of several relations & treatises singular and curious, of John Baptista Tavernier, Baron of Aubonne. Not printed among his first six voyages. Divided into five parts, viz. I. A new and singular relation of the Kingdom of Tunquin, with several figures, and a map of the country. II. How the Hollanders manage their affairs in Asia. III. A relation of Japon, and the cause of the persecution of the Christians in those Islands with a map of the country. IV. A relation of what passed in the negotiation of the deputies which were at Persia and the Indies, as well on the French King's as the Company's behalf, for the establishment of trade. V. Observations upon the East India trade, and the frauds there subject to be committed. Published by Edmund Everard, Esquire. Imprimatur hic liber, cui Titulus, A Collection of several Relations and Treatises, &c. Auth. Spinedge Rev. in Christo Patre & Dom. Domino Gulielmo Archiep. Cant. à Sacris Domesticis. London, printed by A Godbid and J. Playford, for Moses Pitt at the Angel in S. Paul's Churchyard. 1680.